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Manual Handling Training For Childcare Professionals

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Valuing the health and safety of New Zealand’s workers is our number one priority. The new Health and Safety legislation has thrown this into the spotlight because the numbers of deaths and injuries sustained in the workplace are significantly higher than Australia and the UK. The costs associated with health and safety risks such as absenteeism and productivity can be debilitating.

We offer group training to staff, taking a systematic approach to provide participants with practical strategies to ensure workers are engaging at their best and are comfortable and safe in their working environment.

One-on-one & group training starts at $150 + GST and is subject to our Terms & Conditions.

Manual Handling

Worksafe New Zealand has defined manual handling as: “Any activity requiring a person to lift, lower, push, pull, carry, throw, move, restrain, hold or otherwise handle any animate, or inanimate object. Manual handling is an act that occurs in every industry. It is not only lifting as it is generally understood. Manual handling involves any activity that requires an action over an object: lifting and carrying objects, pushing a trolley, operating controls of a machine, moving a patient or child, packing a product, typing on a computer, etc.

Now, more than ever, training staff on safe manual handling techniques are of utmost importance for all organisations with the new legislation now in effect.


Qualify Online

Easily accessible, online professional development opportunity!

Think about your day: How many times did you lift children on/off change tables, on/off the floor, in/out of cots, and on/off the ground or playground equipment? It goes without saying that creating an excellent learning environment is always at the forefront of your mind, but it is important to also note that the majority of your day is spent doing manual handling tasks.

Our cost-effective online manual handling course helps people working in an early learning environment to safely engage with their work space and the children they care for. Early Childhood educators will be equipped with a toolkit to decrease injuries and increase understanding of health and safety risks.


What you will learn:
– What is manual handling?
– The Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA)
– Understanding the Spine
– LITE Principle
– Practical Safe Lifting in ECE
Gain a certificate of completion, valid for 12 months.