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Manual Handling Training For Health Care Professionals

Health Care

Manual handling training is a requirement in the healthcare sector. Edusafe offers comprehensive training for care workers in healthcare. Being able to move, transfer and hoist patients safely is an integral part of the job of a support worker so you want to be safe doing this task.

There are many considerations when moving patients in a hospital or residential facility, and carers of patients must be trained and accredited in manual handling to ensure they are practicing safely.

In our training programme, we offer a combination of theory and practical components, delivered by qualified health professionals.



Valuing the health and safety of New Zealand’s workers is our number one priority. The new Health and Safety legislation has thrown this into the spotlight because the numbers of deaths and injuries sustained in the workplace are significantly higher than Australia and the UK. The costs associated with health and safety risks such as absenteeism and productivity can be debilitating.

We offer group training to staff, taking a systematic approach to provide participants with practical strategies to ensure workers are engaging at their best and are comfortable and safe in their working environment.

One-on-one & group training starts at $150 + GST and is subject to our Terms & Conditions.

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Staff Wellness Programme

Our consultancy services can provide a strictly confidential independent review of your current working environment (office layout, individual workstations, working culture), and will offer solutions to increase performance and align the environment with the organisation’s health and safety policy. We can conduct workshops on best ergonomic practices at work including tips for stress management, ergonomic best practices, and injury prevention exercises. We also offer fitness programmes, nutrition, massage and other wellness interventions.



What you will learn:
– What is manual handling?
– The Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA)
– Understanding the Spine
– LITE Principle
– DPI (discomfort, pain and injury) framework
– Safe lifting in Healthcare
Gain a certificate of completion, valid for 12 months.