• Ergonomics is an applied science with decades of evidence-based practice. Also known as ‘The Science of Work’, ergonomics is dedicated to optimising the environment to maximise musculo-skeletal performance. It is concerned with injury prevention and minimising poor posture from the workplace.

    The team at Edusafe takes a systematic approach while providing organisations with a practical and cost-effective strategy to ensure employees are working at their best, and are comfortable and safe doing so.

  • Research suggests that having the right ergonomic set up at work can increase productivity, prevent injury, decrease absenteeism, discomfort, compensation claims and save operational costs.Benefits of implementing workplace ergonomics:

    1. Increased savings through fewer injuries, more productive and sustainable staff, fewer workers’ compensation claims and expenses.
    2. Fewer employees experiencing pain by implementing ergonomic improvements can reduce the risk factors that lead to discomfort.
    3. Increased productivity: ergonomic improvements can reduce the primary risk factors for muscolo-skeletal disorders, so workers are more efficient, productive, and have greater job satisfaction.
    4. Increased morale: attention to ergonomics can make employees feel valued because they know their employer is making their workplace safer.
    5. Reduced absenteeism: leads to healthy, pain-free workers who are more likely to be engaged and productive.

    Implementing an effective ergonomics programme in the workplace doesn’t have to be costly and it will save money.

    A comprehensive ergonomics programme from Edusafe looks into low-cost measures, risk reduction techniques, individual worker education and holistic solutions.


Ergonomic Office Space

The best solution for ergonomics can be achieved when it is implemented from the planning stages of any space. Edusafe can provide professional ergonomic advice when relocating or building new office spaces. We can assist in achieving ergonomically efficient workspaces that are future-proof and legislation compliant to ensure best outcomes for workers. Our solutions will be cost-effective to suit your budget. Edusafe educates staff on the importance of following safe ergonomic work practices. 

Individual Workstations

Each staff workstation will be assessed, and advice will be provided on best ergonomic practice, including layout, furniture and equipment to minimise injuries. Staff will be educated on the importance for following safe ergonomic practices and follow up services will be organised to reinforce ergonomic and safe working practices. A short report detailing actions taken, recommendations and education given to the staff member will be provided to the employer to place in the staff file. Our ergonomic workstation assessments help to greatly to reduce incidence of discomfort and injury.


Specialist Workstations

Professional advice can be provided for injured staff returning to work or disabled staff to design and procure specialist workstations that can help in recovery and productivity. These services are also useful for employees that are not off work but experiencing discomfort at work. A detailed report specifying issues the staff is facing, actions taken, recommendations and education given to the staff member will be provided to the employer to place in the staff file.


Valuing the health and safety of New Zealand’s workers is our number one priority. The new Health and Safety legislation has thrown this into the spotlight because the numbers of deaths and injuries sustained in the workplace are significantly higher than Australia and the UK. The costs associated with health and safety risks such as absenteeism and productivity can be debilitating.

You and your team will learn about the latest government regulations and trends in office working. We offer group training to staff, taking a systematic approach to provide participants with practical strategies to ensure workers are engaging at their best and are comfortable and safe in their working environment.

One-on-one & group training starts at $120 + GST and is subject to our Terms & Conditions.


Staff Wellness Programme

Our consultancy services can provide a strictly confidential independent review of your current working environment (office layout, individual workstations, working culture), and will offer solutions to increase performance and align the environment with the organisation’s health and safety policy. We can conduct workshops on best ergonomic practices at work including tips for stress management, ergonomic best practices, and injury prevention exercises. We also offer fitness programmes, nutrition, massage and other wellness interventions.